• The 2013 degree show committee members

Welcome to the 2013 show

"Welcome to the 2013 showcase of the work of our final year Industrial Design and Product Design students. Here at Loughborough Design School we are privileged to have students who demonstrate an exceptionally wide range of talents – from developing creative and innovative concepts through to building and evaluating high quality design prototypes. Loughborough has become recognised for this high level of creativity and innovation, which has arisen from the unique way we are able to blend design with functional and engineering expertise. This degree show book illustrates the hard work and dedication that our students have put into their studies over their time here at Loughborough Design School; I hope you find it as interesting, informative and inspiring as I do."

Professor Tracy Bhamra, Dean of Loughborough Design School.


The Loughborough Design School hosts its Design Show every year to showcase and exhibit the finalist's industrial and product design projects. This year's show will run from the 14th-18th June 2013 in the Loughborough Design School.

For more information please visit the department or the contact page.

Opening times:
Friday - Monday: 10am - 5pm
Tuesday: 10AM - 4PM